Hey Forest Dwellers,

I've decided to voluntarily postpone the pre-order campaign for the crochet lace capes. The biggest reason is that I think I could make it much cheaper if I choose another construction approach. The result would have a slightly different look, but a very similar vibe, and it would be more affordable for everyone.


True hand-worked crochet


The current design uses genuine crochet, which must be done by hand. It's a beautiful technique, but expensive by nature. It finally dawned on me that there are imitation crochet fabrics available, which are not exactly the same but far more economical.

I'd previously looked at hundreds of lace fabrics, but didn't find any imitation crochet during that search because there are tons of lace techniques and this one is somewhat less common. I had thought that true crochet was the only technique to achieve this particular look. Now that I realize that's not completely true, I want to make another attempt at the design.


Machine-made imitation crochet

Machine-made imitation crochet 


Anyway, here's the point: I am closing this campaign and offering everyone a refund, but I'm not giving up on this design at all! I think a reworked version could be a lot less expensive to produce, and that might give it a much better chance in a pre-order campaign. It will take more time, but I still want to make it happen.

I still have a lot to learn in an industry with endless options and specialties, but it's all part of the process. Thanks for your patience as I figure it all out!

Your forest girl,


P.S. if you placed an order, check your e-mail for refund details