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Frequently Asked Questions

“What is ‘Forest Fashion’?”

Many things! There aren't a lot of limitations, but there are some major defining trends: natural fabrics, muted colors, layers, soft textures, and comfort fits. In our collection, you'll find mostly colors and patterns reminiscent of nature. Earth tones, blush tints, neutrals, forest greens, and stormy grays and blues. We love interesting drapes -- oversize clothing, ruffles, flounces, and asymmetrical hems. Our favorite clothes have a home made, rough-spun look to them.

We encourage a liberal definition of what can be considered "forest fashion", but we hope you'll see the common threads.

For examples, take a closer look at our collections or the galleries of wardrobe inspiration. For more about the history and community, look up "Mori girl" street fashion, lagenlook, and prairie style.

“What/who is Atelier Heidi?”

Atelier Heidi is the business name of artist and designer Heidi O'Ferrall. "Atelier" means workshop, often referring to artisans and fashion houses. In this case, you can think of Atelier Heidi as "everything made by Heidi". Forest Girl Clothing falls under that umbrella.

Check out for more info on Heidi, her background and portfolio.

“Who runs Forest Girl Clothing?”

Currently, our team consists of Heidi (aka AtelierHeidi) and her cat Aries.

Heidi curates the collection, designs, conceives, and sells everything. Aries models for photos and provides moral support.

“Can you carry more plus size/masc/any particular product?”

Everything in our curated collection is found “in the wild,” sourced from a variety of secondhand shops. Because of this, it’s impossible to control exactly how much of what type of thing we find.

Filling out the smaller sections like plus size and masc is always a priority for us. But unfortunately, we can’t make any promises to restock any particular section or item.

“What’s with the gender categories?”

We believe that clothing is as fluid as the person wearing it, so our categories reflect that outlook. The "femme" and "masc" categories should look pretty familiar already. Our "unisex" section is full of clothing we think anyone can rock. Individual listings will indicate whether an item has a "bust curve", meaning it's specifically designed to go over boobs. Otherwise, we provide measurements in inches so that you can make your own choice about what styles suit you. And we encourage everyone to browse each section, in case you discover something new to enjoy.

“When will the store be restocked?”

While we're still developing our website and business, we have many new items ready and in-progress all the time. Expect to see new items on Forest Girl Clothing every Friday!

We may adjust that schedule as we figure out what pace we need to set, but we will announce it accordingly. And don’t forget to join our mailing list (bottom of page) for email updates when new items are listed!

“Can I donate used clothing or fabric for upcycling?”

Sure! Be aware that just because you send in something, there’s no guarantee it will be used for our store. That said, all items are either salvaged or donated back to local thrift stores. We love to recycle garments and keep them in circulation.

Send donations to:
Atelier Heidi
2020 Maltby Rd Ste 7 PMB 195
Bothell, WA, 98021