Blooming Deer Tin Candle - Various Scents

An adorable candle that comes in a stylish tin canister featuring a deer with blooming antlers. We have many scents available! Our candles are hand-poured, premium grade soy wax infused with high quality fragrance oils. Handmade by Atelier Heidi.

Fragrance Menu

  • Autumn Breeze: A nostalgic blend of country woods, spices and a warm cozy fireplace.

  • Blackberry & Magnolia: Ripe blackberries, apple, magnolia, melon and a hint of sugar.

  • Blue Skies: Clean and light, with hints of bergamot and citrus. Soft and feminine.

  • Cafe Mocha: Dark roasted coffee blended with sweet chocolate.

  • Cinnamon Latte: A rich blend of espresso, cinnamon, milk and honey.

  • Cottage Garden: a beautiful floral scent reminiscent of stepping into an English cottage garden.

  • Cranberry Rose: Cranberry, cider and apple notes with pink rose, juicy pear and eucalyptus.

  • Espresso: The rich, dark fragrance of sweetened espresso.

  • Gardenia: An elegant floral scent.

  • Green Tea: A sweet herbal green tea blend

  • Honeysuckle: A bright, sweet floral fragrance.

  • In the Forest: The fragrance of ferns, moss, and wet earth.

  • Late Rose: A fresh, sweet blend of roses and greenery.

  • Lavender: The timeless, calming, and uplifting botanical scent.

  • Love Potion: An intriguing floral concoction of cherry blossoms, peaches and white jasmine.

  • Pear & Fig: Fresh pear with top notes of luscious figs.

  • Smoked Leather: The rich fragrance of tanned leather with a musky smoked finish.

  • Strawberry: Fresh strawberries with lots of sweetness and hints of vanilla.

  • White Woods: A blend of white cedar, spice and praline sugar.

  • Mystery Blend: Each mystery blend candle is a unique combination of other scents! These are poured in layers so that new scents will be uncovered and blend in as the candle burns. No two mystery blend candles are identical, but all are composed of compatible scents.

Always burn within sight. The tin will heat up as the candle burns; handle with care. Never leave a lit candle unattended. Keep lit candles away from pets, children, and flammable objects.

To re-use the tin after the candle has been consumed, heat gently with a hair dryer. Be careful to hold the tin in a towel or glove to avoid burning yourself. Wipe out excess wax with a paper towel until clean.

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