Fuchsite in Quartz Wand Necklace-Sticks & Stones

One copper electroformed Fuchsite in Quartz Wand complete on a 24" matching antique copper chain. These sticks & stone wands are made from REAL fallen tree branches and crystal points that have been encased in pure copper. Pure magic!

The Fuchsite is a sea foam green color that peeks through the quartz crystal. Fuchsite is constantly seeking to balance and rejuvenate. It can help one stand back from situations and gain balanced and non-biased insights into any circumstances. Wands measure approximately 3.5"-4.5" in length. Shape, size, and color may vary as no two stones or wands are alike.

Condition: New, handmade
Brand: MergingMetals
Materials: twigs, fuchsite quartz stone, wire, copper
Size: 3.5"-4.5" pendants, 24" chain

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