Since day 1 of creating this store, I've been dreaming of producing my own fashion line. It's a pretty huge undertaking, and not something that can be achieved overnight, but I've been quietly collecting materials and ideas for the last few years. 

Most of the products on this site come directly from the brands that produce them -- pre-made clothing available in a set range of sizes. I've been limited to selling what already exists on the market -- if something isn't available in plus sizes, for example, I can't do anything about it. And that's become a huge frustration over time. 

So after many months of dealing with the inequality of available styles, I'm finally taking the plunge to create my own fashion designs.

Producing my own line will let me include all the qualities that I personally look for when stocking our inventory. Everything will be available in sizes S-3X. Everything will have pockets. I'll prioritize natural fibers, beautiful textures, and fine details. 

 Here's a first look at some of the design ideas I'm working on! I'll be creating my own physical samples, so I'm starting with a few patterns I've developed over the last few years. This will include capelets, masks, and gathered skirts. The final colors and details haven't been nailed down yet, but that will develop gradually through the sampling process. I'll keep sharing new designs and ideas as they grow! 

Strawberries and Cream skirtStrawberry print
Celestial Cape

If these ideas and styles appeal to you, please do me a favor and let me know! If you love a certain color or cut, say so! It could be the difference between an item you love getting made or not. Everything is still so early in development, there's plenty of time for changes and new directions. But the more feedback I get in general, the more confident I'll be in selecting the best new styles and options. So your retweets, likes, and comments will be a big help in choosing which items make it to the finish line.

Embroidered pinafore
Lavender linen bag
Lavender Linen mask

Thanks for reading and checking out these images! Hope this can inspire more fashion creativity. 

Your forest girl,