Hey Forest Dwellers! I’ve got another new coordinate for you today!

My latest design sketch is nicknamed "Cottage Mori" because it has a bit more Western flavor. Cottagecore is sometimes described as Western mori kei, and while I don't think they're exactly the same, there's certainly a lot of overlap!


Cottage Mori design notes

Once again, I've chosen one of my favorite flowers as an outfit theme. This look is inspired by bluebells, sometimes called harebells, which grow in blue and purple varieties.

The bodice here is a linen vest with bluebell embroidery motifs. The vest will be lightly boned to give it shape, but not intended to be laced tight like a true corset. This is a little more practical and versatile for casual wear.

A sample of this vest is already underway! I would really love to do a full release in all sizes, but it will depend on pre-orders to make it happen. More details soon.



In my drawing I’ve paired it with the Adeline blouse, which is already available here in the shop! This type of outfit is what I imagined when I designed the blouse, so I’m excited to bring it together now.

Like I mentioned in my last post, my goal is to create pieces which work together in different combinations. I think this would look great with a few current accessories, like the Forget Me Not bow in dark blue and the Bluebell earrings. I've included a version of a lace choker, similar to the heart locket and key chokers I've made in the past. This necklace style will definitely be returning in new varieties!


Bluebell Earrings


Current and upcoming accessories to match this look


The skirt is the centerpiece of this outfit. I’ve made a few dramatic lace skirts in the past, but they’ve been very limited due to using recycled materials to construct them.


Lace tablecloth skirtLace tablecloth skirt


The skirt in today’s drawing is inspired by these past works, and I imagine it as a limited piece by necessity. The flowers along the blue skirt would be laser-cut and hand-stitched from layered sheer fabrics. I would love to keep using recycled materials, which all have unique character. Sometimes they require patchwork or clever cuts to look best in a garment, but piecing them together is half the fun!

All of these features make a skirt like this impractical to mass produce. Instead, I could provide a small collection of similar skirts that are each unique. The detailed hand work would require a higher price point, but each piece would be one-of-a-kind.

I hope to keep producing all types of items at a range of prices, so let me know what you’re most excited about! And keep checking back for new sketches over the next few months~

Your forest girl,