Hey forest dwellers!

Now that Anime Expo is over, I'm ready to list and sell some of the special, one-of-a-kind designs that were featured on stage! These are the pieces which are not suitable for wider release, mostly because they use unique materials which can't be replicated. I'll be blogging about these items over the next few days and I will list them for sale on Friday, July 14 at noon Pacific time. (Other items that can be made in bigger quantities are still coming later -- one thing at a time!)

The dress I'm sharing today was a long time coming. I actually dyed much of the lace, and started construction, all the way back in 2018. It's pretty common for me to work on things slowly over time, and when I found out that I would be showing at Anime Expo, I looked back into my closet for unique pieces that would represent different stages I've gone through as a designer. This was the oldest design that I decided to revisit, but it was incomplete for many years and finished specially for AX!


Scrap Lace Dress, modeled by Modern Day Esther


One of my favorite aspects of mori kei fashion -- the theme of my segment of the AX show -- is the use of recycled materials for a home-made aesthetic. We create so much waste in our daily lives, and most of the garment industry worldwide produces cheap clothing with short lifespans that are worn a few times and discarded. Through Forest Girl Clothing, I want to challenge that by producing designs that are made to last and be treasured. I also love recycling materials from clothing or fabric that is no longer wanted, even though it's a labor-intensive process that takes a lot of time.


Scrap lace dress frontScrap lace dress left


This dress is made from 100% recycled fabric, most of which was hand-dyed by me. I used a base tunic made of plain lace, which was originally white. I then layered many lace applique, trims, and patches all across the tunic in an improvised manner. These are made of vintage doilies, crochet pieces, and remnants of other clothing. 


Scrap lace dress backScrap lace dress right


The result is an unusual but very unique design. I'm drawn to muted and pastel shades, so I incorporated lots of rosy and desaturated dyes into my work. The idea behind this design is a "forest urchin" who has stitched together scraps and remnants to create something beautiful. I really appreciate the beauty in things that are imperfect, shabby, or repaired. So this piece is a love letter to those concepts, and the idea that we can keep finding use and beauty in items which have been discarded.


Scrap lace dress modeled by Modern Day Esther


This dress was modeled by Modern Day Esther, who brought such grace and beauty to the stage show. She was so calm and elegant in her movements, and really brought this piece to its full potential!

Esther is wearing the Lindsay wig in Pale Lilac, provided by Arda Wigs. She is also wearing the Thistle Fairy Cameo Necklace and a vintage lace collar which is separate from the main dress.

This dress will be included in Friday's update, and naturally there is only one available! 

Size: M
Bust: 38”
Waist: 40”
Length: 31" (center back)

It looks great with an oversize fit, but could also be worn fitted. There is no lining and the lace is sheer.

Thank you so much to Esther for making this dress look incredible, and to Anime Expo for hosting us! Check back for more design blogs in the coming days 🌿💜

Your forest girl,