Looking ahead into the new year, these are my top goals for how I'd like to develop Forest Girl Clothing in 2024!

1. Draw more motifs, not just fashion sketches. By this I mean the designs that go on clothing, like embroidery, prints, or decoration. Last year I improved my fashion sketches a lot through practice, and this year I want to level up the artwork that actually goes on the clothes as well!

2. Keep a constant flow of new designs in progress. This will include a steady stream of fashion sketches to test the waters, as well as new clothing samples. This way I will always have something new coming soon, even when there are delays or pauses with a particular design. I took too much time off from designing in past years, which ended up causing long stretches without new releases. I want to keep up my momentum this year and not miss out!

3. Do more fashion shows. After the success of Anime Expo, I've applied to several events that host J-fashion shows in 2024! I was already accepted into one event, but unfortunately had to decline because there wasn't enough time to prepare all my resources for that deadline. I'm still looking farther into the future for shows I can be ready for!

4. Get outside and touch grass. The weather isn't perfect for this right now, but I'm planning to spend more time outdoors this year -- whether it's walking, skating, hiking, or just spending time sketching at the park. I live in a wonderful part of the country with incredibly beautiful scenery, but I tend to be very reclusive. I want my time outdoors to inspire new designs and ideas directly from the natural world around me.

5. Keep building my indoor forest. At the Forest Girl office, I've created a cozy photo space filled with interesting curios and faux greenery. Like any artist, I also have a LOT of unfinished projects left in limbo. This year I want to revisit some of those DIY decor projects to spruce up the space! I will definitely share the progress in videos and photos.

6. Stay mindful. It's easy to get discouraged running a small business alone. There's always lots to do and constant challenges. I made it through last year with prayer and meditation, and having faith in a future I can't always see. I believe that the best is yet to come, even when the daily grind is difficult. I'm going to keep working towards that future with confidence, mindfulness, and self-reflection.

Those are my main goals for 2024! I wanted to record them here to stay grounded in my plans and keep on course. What are your resolutions for 2024?

Good luck in the new year and keep working hard!

Your forest girl,