Hey Forest Dwellers! You might be wondering why so many items in the shop are on clearance, with very few new items being posted. I want to take a minute to answer your questions and let you know what to expect next!

First of all, we're not going out of business! Unfortunately, several of our favorite brands are.

A popular item from the brand Ryu

Ryu/A'reve is now completely gone, and Pretty Angel's wholesale inventory has dwindled down to almost nothing. These brands were both very popular in our store and fit perfectly with our style. I was determined to keep carrying their products above all others, but unfortunately they're no longer available.

Other brands have been inconsistent in both their supply and popularity. Most brands only produce clothing in sizes S-L or 1X-3X, with a very few producing S-3X. This is just the standard for most mainstream clothing companies. So even if I found cute styles to carry, it was extremely rare or impossible to find them in a full size range. Most brands do not produce plus size at all. I would get constant complaints about the limited size charts of items that I had no control over, and couldn't customize.

Anyway, those are some of the challenges I've dealt with when it comes to stocking the store.

In response, I've focused more on items that I can customize and produce in a full size range. This is a lot more expensive than buying wholesale, but it's also more worthwhile. For the past few months, I've diverted all the resources I used to spend on wholesale inventory toward developing more samples and original products. Most of this happens behind the scenes or on the Ko-fi Club, so it's probably not obvious what I've been up to.

At present, I have sixteen new samples that are currently in development, with plenty of new ideas and sketches coming all the time! Some of these items are really close to completion, and will be popping up on the pre-orders page over the next few weeks!

Some sketches to inspire you~

Sakura Skirt
Floral Bloomers
Bunny Cardigan
Forget-me-not dress
Meadow Gown
White embroidered blouseLeaf lace skirt
Lily of the Valley purse

This is only about half of what is currently in development! I hope you'll stick around to see these samples and more upcoming designs.

Our inventory may keep changing, but my dedication to bringing you new forest fashions will always remain!

Your forest girl,