Hey forest dwellers! Here's an update on some brand new in-house designs, coming soon!

I've been teasing more custom products lately on Twitter, if you follow the shop account (which you should!) It's been a long road already, full of changes as things slowly develop. I wanted to share some of the updated sketches and samples so that you know what's coming!

Full view of the lavender bag and mask

 Detail of lavender embroidery

Lavender embroidered bags are currently in production! This means that the sample is finished, approved, and the final items are being made! I could hardly believe how beautiful the finished embroidery looks in person. I am so excited to bring this to the store very soon.

Lavender mask design

The matching lavender embroidered masks are also in production! These will be sold separately, but they are the perfect compliment to the embroidered bag.

Both the bags and masks will be available with natural unbleached linen AND will also be made with black linen! I don't have a photo of that yet, but I'm very excited to offer both colorways for people who prefer a darker aesthetic.


Now onto the Celestial Capes! This item has been on a bit of a journey, changing dramatically through the course of development. Although I was originally interested in creating a warm, lined cape (based on the handmade capes I created last winter) it proved difficult to find the exact fabric type I wanted. I eventually re-imagined the design as a lightweight, sheer cape that's more versatile for different climates! Here is my final sketch of this cape design:

New Celestial Cape rendering

This is just an approximation of what the fabric will look like. I also had the opportunity to design my own embroidery pattern for this cape! Here is a small sample of what that will look like:

Embroidery pattern sample

The finished design will feature zodiac constellations, crescent moons, and individual stars scattered across a field of sheer black. The cape is made in two layers for an ethereal effect where some stars will appear darker than others. I can't wait to see the final version!

Below is my in-house sample of the short cape. I love the stacked look of the hemline. Obviously, these samples don't have embroidery yet, but I think it will look really cool once it's finished!

In-house sample of the short cape, sans embroidery

I will also be offering a longer version of the same cape! Technically I'm calling this the "medium" to save room for an even longer version in the future (no promises, but I think it'd be cool!) The Medium is about 10 inches longer than the Short version. Here is the factory sample of the Medium cape:

The medium length Celestial Cape (sans embroidery)

I personally prefer the matte look of the fabric I used for my in-house sample, but the final fabric hasn't been chosen yet. This factory sample is on its way to me now, and should be in my hands some time next week! Then I'll be ready to make final decisions and enter into the production phase.

I'm really excited about all of these new items, and seeing my designs come to life! These items will most likely be available for purchase in a few months. I'll be sure to post updates once I have a more definite timeline for the deliveries.

Thank you so much for following this new adventure! I hope you're excited too! This is just the beginning of many new ideas and designs yet to come, so thank you always for your support!

Your forest girl,

Heidi 🌿