Face Masks

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A handmade cloth face mask made of two layers of cotton, with an adjustable nose wire for a secure and comfortable fit. You may choose between elastic ear loops or ties for any of these masks. Elastics will match the color pictured for each mask, while the ties are all black or natural beige. Some masks are made with an unbleached muslin lining, which has a naturally speckled appearance; this does not mean the fabric is dirty.

Please wash your brand new face mask before putting it on. Although the fabric is washed on our end, you should also wash it yourself to maintain social distancing. Wash it regularly and often as you wear it. We recommend hand washing to avoid over-bending the nose wire within, which could cause it to break over time. Hand wash and hang to dry to get the most out of this mask.

This mask is designed to be used with a removable filter. Make sure the filter pocket opening is facing toward the inside when you wear this mask. The mask can be worn with or without a filter, or layered over an N95 mask or similar.

The CDC currently recommends social distancing and wearing a mask while out in public. A mask is not a substitute for social distancing, and wearing a mask does not guarantee that you will not get sick. We make no medical claims about these masks. However, wearing a mask is a common courtesy that can limit your exposure to the public, encourage social distancing, and serve as a wearable reminder to not touch your face.

These masks are handmade with love by Atelier Heidi.

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