About Us

A unique collection of clothing and curios for all those who dwell in the forest at heart.
Forest Girl Clothing is a small business created by Heidi O'Ferrall and her faithful cat, Aries.
Heidi handles all design work, social media, customer service, shipping, and more. She is the primary artist, photographer, and decision-maker.
Aries is the official mascot for Forest Girl Clothing. He also supervises production for quality assurance.


Many things! There aren't a lot of limitations, but there are some major defining trends: natural fabrics, muted colors, layers, soft textures, and comfort fits. In our collection, you'll find mostly colors and patterns reminiscent of nature. Earth tones, blush tints, neutrals, forest greens, and stormy grays and blues. We love interesting drapes -- oversize clothing, ruffles, flounces, and asymmetrical hems. Our favorite clothes have a home made, rough-spun look to them.

We encourage a liberal definition of what can be considered "forest fashion", but we hope you'll see the common threads.

For examples, take a closer look at our collections or our blog for wardrobe inspiration. For more about the history and community, look up "Mori girl" street fashion, cottagecore, lagenlook, and prairie style.

Forest Girl Clothing updates every Friday! New listings go live at noon Pacific time.

New items will be restocked until they become unavailable. Some items have long manufacturing periods and can only be restocked periodically.

Used items cannot be restocked. Handmade items are typically limited runs that can be restocked with similar, but not identical items.

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Every individual listing will note whether an item is new, used, handmade or upcycled. You can now also filter your search results by condition!

We are moving toward carrying primarily new items in the shop going forward.

Used and upcycled items will still remain an integral part of our business. Originally, most of our inventory was secondhand or made from recycled materials. We are still passionate about reusing fabrics and found items, and keeping quality goods in circulation.

We curate our inventory from a huge variety of sources. New items are primarily found through wholesale marketplaces or independent artists. Used items are found "in the wild" of thrift stores, flea markets, and estate sales. Upcycled items are created in-house by Atelier Heidi. Handmade items are either made in-house (this includes all items marked "Atelier Heidi") or found through marketplaces that support handmade products.

All items ship from Ferndale, Washington, where we are located. We do not do drop shipping.

Atelier Heidi is the business name of artist and designer Heidi O'Ferrall. "Atelier" means workshop, often referring to artisans and fashion houses. In this case, you can think of Atelier Heidi as "everything made by Heidi". Forest Girl Clothing falls under that umbrella.

Check out AtelierHeidi.com for more info on Heidi, her background and portfolio.