Take a look at the most popular design sketches of 2023, which will be in progress for release in 2024!

9. Strawberries & Cream Dress


Strawberries and Cream


A classic "jumperskirt" design inspired by Lolita fashion, this dress would have a shirred elastic back and a voluminous skirt. I found some cute strawberry fabric to work with and sourced 3 different types of strawberry lace to bring the details together! I love this design personally, but it ranks in as the 9th most popular design of the year, so I'm not quite ready to commit to a sample -- they are expensive to make and we have a lot of fantastic designs further up the list!


8. Eleanor Blouse


Celestial Eleanor BlouseLavender Celestial Blouse


A sheer, floaty blouse in an Edwardian-inspired silhouette. This would be great on its own or layered under a sleeveless dress. While the torso area would be fully lined, the majority would remain sheer for an airy and light effect. I've drawn it in a few different colorways, with a celestial version as the most popular. I'm also considering a lavender-celestial print! Once again, I'm holding off on a sample right now, but it will be up for voting against other blouse options soon.


7. Rose Garden Dress


Rose Garden


This dress is another Lolita fashion look themed after roses! Made with two different types of rose-printed cotton and layered lace, with tons of floral details.

I’ve already ordered and received the first sample of this design, which will show off soon in the new year! I’m really happy with the fabric and fit, although I’m planning to tweak some of the lace details. I may be able to offer a second color way in Saxon blue, though the final release will depend on pre-order support and popularity. Stay tuned for sample photos very soon!


6. Elven Lace Tunic


Pink Elf TunicGreen Elf Tunic


A more casual style, created for elegant lounging. This tunic would include a hood, embroidered motifs, and wide lace trim. The final colorways are not set, but I'm really into the color blocked look, and I will be sure to use a cotton knit for comfort and air flow. This design feels really versatile for dressing up or down on different occasions. I will most likely go through with a sample in early 2024.


5. Quilted Short Overalls


Quilted Short Overalls


This cute design was initially imagined as an upcycled piece, which could be handmade from an old quilt. I've seen quite a few adorable styles made with recycled quilts and blankets, and I have a few on hand for experimentation. I'll keep working on my sewing pattern and see if I can get a few handmade this spring!

Because of the style of fabric I want to use, it will probably be a challenge to produce it in bulk. However, I definitely want to give it a shot, even if it means changing the color scheme and patchwork style from this initial sketch. Look out for updates on this one to see how things work out!


4. Botanical Blouse


Botanical blouseBotanical blouse back


A sweet floral blouse with corduroy contrast fabric. I found the flower fabric first, which is fully cotton. For the bodice, I'll look into cotton corduroy with elastane blended in to allow for a smooth and comfy fit. The back will be shirred with elastic to keep it cinched and stretchy, and the front will have functional buttons with button loops to prevent gaping.

I ran a poll with different versions and color options, and green was the definite winner! I'm not sure if other colorways will be practical, but I'll feel it out and see if there's enough interest to do more than one.


3. Velveteen Rabbit Pinafore


Cotton Candy Velveteen Rabbit


This design debuted at Anime Expo last summer in our fashion show! Although I've already created one handmade sample, I've drawn some alternate colorways for full production in 2024. The brown version has a factory sample already in progress, aiming for a spring/summer release.

These will be made from cotton velveteen, reflecting their inspiration from the Velveteen Rabbit children's story. I designed the embroidery motif myself and sourced multiple different rabbit lace trims to pull the look together. I'm very excited to show the new sample off soon! Once the brown version is approved, I'll do a second sample in the cotton candy colorway and open pre-orders.


2. Bunny Beanie


Pink bunny beanieOther bunny beanies


This knit cap has cute bunny ears! Once again, I have a sample in progress right now. I'm going to be using 100% wool yarn and aiming for 4 colors: pink, cream, brown, and black. Whether we can produce all four will come down to popularity, as the bulk order minimums are very high. However, there's been a lot of excitement for this one so I think it's possible! 


1. Celestial Dress


Celestial dress


My final fashion sketch of the year snagged the very top spot! This dress is intended to compliment the Celestial Cape, one of our long-time best sellers. It features a sheer celestial overlay with solid black fabric beneath, and delicate chains of hanging stars along the sleeves and hemlines. The shirred back panel and lacings along the back and front will give it a very adjustable fit to flatter many body shapes. The skirt will have enough volume for a full petticoat, making it suitable for Lolita coordinates. This style is whimsical and elegant enough for many semi-formal occasions.

This drawing has been so popular that I'll be moving ahead with a sample soon! However, I definitely don't want to rush the process as I'm picky about details and quality. Keep your eye out for more updates, and I'll aim for a full release by fall/winter of 2024.


Those are the current top contenders for upcoming Forest Girl looks! Any of these designs that make it to production will be created in our full size range of XS-4X.

Which ones would you wear? Let me know with comments and shares on our Twitter, Instagram, or Threads profiles! New design sketches are always released on social media first, so those are the best places to catch glimpses of what's coming up next.

Please check out the pre-orders page to help fund our current projects and keep the momentum going! 🌿♥️

Thank you for all for support this year, and I hope 2024 will be better than ever!

Your forest girl,