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Here is the full video of our fashion show at Anime Expo 2023!

I am so grateful to the Anime Expo staff for inviting me this year, especially Marissa Cheng (Fashion Show Coordinator) and Deanna Valencia (Main Events Assistant Manager) who facilitated everything for my trip. It was a dream come true to present my work on this stage.

I will have many more photos coming soon, including a blog featuring each outfit and more details about how it was created!


All wigs for my portion of the show were provided by Arda Wigs 


Emcee: Seena Akita
Wearing the Lily of the Valley dress

Models in order of appearance:

Princess Davis
Wearing the Matcha skirt and Cherry Blossom Jacket
Natalee Wig (discontinued)

Wearing the Meadow Dress with the Lily of the Valley purse and hairbow
Kelly Wig in Brown/Mint

Melissa Wood
Wearing the Butterfly Garden Apron, the Teal and Turquoise Maxi dress, and the Pearl Rose necklace.
Ashley Wig in Rose Brown

Erin Radke
Wearing the Asymmetrical Ruffle Top, Purple Flower Bloomers, Bunny Bag (purple)
Katherine Wig

Kirari Yamaguchi
Wearing the Strawberry Ruffle Dress, Strawberry Overdress, and Strawberry Bow
Kelly Wig in Peony/Pink Pearl

Arianna Nava
Wearing the Bluebell Embroidered Vest, Adeline Blouse, Forget Me Not bow, and Blue Flower Skirt
Ferrari Wig in Dark Brown

Alina Xiaoyu Yang
Wearing the Odette Dress and Dusty Blue Flower Cape
Renee Wig in Pale Blonde

Esther Cooper 
Wearing the Scrap Lace Dress with the Lavender Embroidered Purse
Lindsay wig in Pale Lilac

Hannah Mengshan Yuan
Wearing the Velveteen Rabbit Pinafore
Ferrari Wig in Champagne

Olivia Smalley
Wearing the Amanita Mushroom Dress
Amber wig in Cool Brown

Neha Khan
Wearing the Poison Mushroom Dress
Elinor Wig

Brielle Brantner
Wearing the Celestial Cape, Celestial Skirt, and Celestial Headdress
Heidi Wig in Warm Light Brown


Video copyright 2023 Anime Expo

Music provided by Epidemic Sound