Size Guide

Our clothes have a label size (S, M, L) as well as specific measurements on each listing. Because we carry many different brands, label sizes are not always consistent, but measurements are. Check both to make sure you're confident in the size you're buying.



Here is a guide to the most common measurements we use.

Chest: Measure directly from arm pit to arm pit. Start your measurement at the seam lines, and be sure that the garment is completely flat with no wrinkles as you measure.

Center Front: The length measurement starts at the edge of the neckline and includes any trim or fringe at the hem.

Center Back: If the front is open, we use a center back measurement instead of center front. Start measuring at the seam of the collar if there is one, or the edge of the neck hole if there is no collar. Also include any fringe or trim at the bottom hem.

Length of Skirt: Skirts and dresses are measured the same way, starting from the waist or neckline. If a skirt has an asymmetrical or slanted hemline, we take note of the shortest and longest points.

Waist: Waist measurements are taken at the opening of skirts. If it has elastic, it is measured without stretching.

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