Hey Forest Dwellers!

This year, I'm challenging myself to design something new every day. I figured this would be a great way to make sure I'm constantly practicing and improving, and it'll give me tons more sketches and ideas to choose from!

So far, I've been pretty consistent in uploading new drawings to my Ko-fi Club every day. Here are a few favorites from the past couple

Asymmetrical jacket

This is an asymmetrical sweater that I first sketched in December, but just recently finished the alternate views. I'm imagining this in a soft sweater knit with a beautiful drape. I'm a big fan of mismatched details and asymmetry, so I'm pretty excited about this one personally!

Forget Me Not Dress

I teased this one on Twitter, but the embroidery design wasn't finished yet. This is the Forget Me Not Dress, based on the flower of the same name. I used specific fabric as a reference for this design, which really helped bring out the details! The fabric is 100% cotton and would be layered for this piece.

Silk Velvet Garden Gown

Here is another sketch based on a specific fabric. I call it the Silk Velvet Garden Gown, after the fabric type. Silk velvet drapes so beautifully, and I think this would be really comfy to wear!


Cotton Pinafore

This sketch is a further evolution of a previous design. I actually sewed a version of this (with some differences) but I would love to be able to offer them in different sizes and colors. The white top in this illustration would be a separate piece, not a part of the blue pinafore. 

Finally, here's a sketch which has recently come to life as a sample:

Crochet lace cape sketch
Crochet lace cape sample

This sample was made by a manufacturer who specializes in hand crocheted items. They were able to develop an original pattern based on my sketch and specifications. So as you can see, a detailed sketch is super important to the design process!

I really want to see my drawing skills improve this year, so this challenge will be a big part of pushing myself forward! You can follow along by joining my $1 Ko-fi Club, where I'll be uploading new design drawings (almost) every day.

Ko-fi Club Members also get monthly discount codes to use in the store, so for $1 you earn the opportunity to save much more! If you're a regular shopper, it's definitely worthwhile. I also post exclusive pictures of upcoming samples as they develop, so there's lots of new stuff to get excited about. New samples are being made all the time, so keep an eye out for upcoming pre-order campaigns!

Thanks for reading and supporting my artwork! 

Your Forest Girl,


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