Our store updates every Friday at noon Pacific!

Here’s some handy info about what to expect.

New listings will appear automatically at 12:00 pm. Different items appear each week, and the focus may change from clothing, candles, accessories, or a mix of things. We try to add as many new items as possible each week, but the actual number of new listings varies quite a bit. If the type of item you’re looking for didn’t make it into this week’s update, check back next week!

Restocks — when we add more quantity of an existing listing— can happen any time, not just on Fridays! If we are just adding more of the same product, the listing is already visible and there’s no reason to wait until Friday to make more available.

If an item is in exceptionally high demand, we will always restock on Friday at noon to give customers the most equal chance of grabbing one.

In most cases, we’ll continue restocking each item for as long as it is available from the manufacturer. Some items will be available for a very long time, while others will disappear quickly. We may sell out of a certain size very quickly and not be able to restock that size until we’ve sold more of the other sizes. This is just an unfortunate reality of running a small business, but we hope to keep growing a more consistent inventory over time.

Hope this has answered your questions! Thanks for browsing, and happy shopping. 🌿