Today I bring you a new design inspired by Valentine's day!

This is the Heart in a Birdcage dress, designed to capture your heart and hold it hostage 💘

I imagine this dress in a deep red velvet covered in gold embroidery. I would give it a scalloped edge reminiscent of stylized hearts. The sheer drapery would be created with soft mesh covered in repeating hearts, which matches the heart lace ruffled along the hemline. The large embroidered motifs depict a repeating series of birdcages, which hold anatomical hearts and small birds. In a fully detailed version, I would also add roses between each birdcage.



This dress tells the story of a young swallow bird who is Cupid's messenger. Swallows are classically associated with Aphrodite, and are seen as symbols of love and luck. She seeks out likely targets to enchant with love magic, effectively "capturing their hearts". The birdcages along the skirt hold her victims -- both human and avian -- who have been fully enthralled by her love spells.

At the moment, this dress is just a concept. I wanted to design something love-themed for the season, and my imagination landed on this! Like all my ideas, I will consider bringing it to life depending on the level of interest from you! What do you think -- are you willing to be captured?

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Your Forest Girl,