Hey Forest Dwellers 🌿 It's finally pre-order time again!

The Meadow Dress has been in development purgatory for over a year, but we're finally ready to begin production this summer!



I named this dress for the botanical print scattered across a light green field. It has a flattering scoop neckline, an elastic waist and sleeve cuffs, and pockets!I took these photos over an A-line petticoat, but you could wear it without for a softer shape.


Meadow Dress backMeadow Dress size


This dress is elegant without being overly formal. It has vintage class, but is made entirely from comfortable, breathable cotton - including the lining! And of course, the pockets are very practical for any outing.

The waistband and sleeve cuffs are made with elastic for a soft and flattering fit, and you can cinch the waist with a bow. The buttons running up the center front of the dress are decorative only, so they will not gape open.

Like our previous releases, this dress will be available in sizes XS-4X, according to our size chart below:


Meadow Dress Size Chart


Pre-orders begin on June 16, and production will begin in mid-July. 

 [Edit 6/7] The pre-order price of this dress will be $100 each. Order between June 16 and July 7 for pre-order pricing! After July 7, the price will be $110 each.

I have been very busy preparing for a runway fashion show coming this summer. The Meadow Dress will be featured in that collection, with tons of photos and video clips coming soon!

Thank you so much for your patience on this one, and I hope it's worth the wait!

Your forest girl,