Hey Forest Dwellers! Here's some fashion inspo for your wardrobes!

People often tell me, "I love this piece, but what would I wear it with?" So I thought I would show off some styling ideas! These are mainly items from my own wardrobe, with a few extra Forest Girl options to consider. Let's get started!


With Black

Since black is the base color of the skirt, it's an obvious choice. If you like dramatic dark looks, the starry skirt has a lot of versatility.

A long sleeve black top with a sharp triangular hemline and witchy sleeves

Here I'm wearing a black top by Gekko that I purchased in London, along with the Celestial Scarf. I like the way the scarf looks with this skirt, because it has the same shiny gold finish and a different, but complimentary, print. The top I'm wearing could easily be substituted with any basic black piece, but the triangular hemline goes nicely with the shape of the triangular scarf.

More views of the same look

Since the straps are removeable, you can choose to use them depending on if they suit your style. Here's another look at the same items, worn a little differently.

The same top tucked in, with the suspender straps up over it. I've tied the scarf in a different fashion as well.

Another view of the same look.


With White

Here's a special preview of an upcoming new design! This white blouse will be available for pre-order very soon. It's an embroidered cotton piece with billowy sleeves and buttons up the front. I'll have more pictures and details coming soon!

 The skirt with a white blouse and suspender straps on.

Of course, you can choose a white blouse from your closet for a similar look. I'm wearing the straps with this one because I think it provides a nice contrast against the white, and the lines create a more structured look.


With Gold

Gold jewelry or accents will pair beautifully with the shiny stars! Here I'm wearing a mesh top made from metallic knit over a dark undershirt. I love the way it resembles simplified chainmail, which would be perfect if you're into royalcore or fantasy fashion.

A gold mesh top and acorn necklace

I left the suspender straps hanging on the outside for this one. It's not my typical style, but some people like that look for a more casual outfit. Just one more option to consider!

A better look at the upcoming acorn necklace

The acorn necklace is another sneak peek -- it's made from wood and there's a secret inside. More on that soon!


With Sheer Overlays

The stars on this skirt are bright enough to shine through sheer fabric like chiffon or tulle! Billowing fabric makes for a very striking, dramatic look.

A dramatic, gauzy black robe draped over a light undershirt and cinched at the waist. The accents are both gold and silver.

This sheer overlay is by Kimchi Blue and was gifted to me by my friend Kittie some years ago. I cinched it with a thrifted belt, which also has a star motif! The mixed metallics might not be for everyone, but gold accents will always look great with this skirt.

More views of the same look

The ruffles on the overlay add a lot to the overall silhouette, and they echo the bottom ruffle of the skirt. Layering is a key element of mori kei, so try thinking about the shapes of the hemlines and consider how to stack them in a way that looks nice.

Of course, the skirt is also the perfect compliment to my Celestial Capes, which are made of sheer embroidered tulle. Here it is with the medium version of the cape.

With the medium length celestial cape

I put it on over my white blouse, but a black shirt would provide a dark base for the embroidered stars to really pop!

Currently, the campaign to restock the Starry Suspender Skirt is lagging behind. The deadline is approaching quickly, but we're only 32% of the way toward the goal.


Progress report for today, March 18 2022


I would really love to restock this item and make it available in a bigger size range. This new batch of skirts would be available in size XS, with expanded plus size measurements as well (the equivalent of adding another size). But production is very expensive, and I can only make them available if the campaign meets its goal.


Starry skirt size chart


Please consider supporting this campaign with a pre-order to reserve your skirt. We need 27 more orders to meet the minimum quantity, and every single order helps!

If you've already ordered one, or even if it's just not a fit for your wardrobe, please consider sharing it with your friends! It would mean a lot to me to meet this goal, and provide more future stability for my business. I'm working on new designs all the time, and I'll have more to show as early as next week.

I hope this blog can help inspire your style! I would love to see your own outfits, so please share your photos with me on Twitter and Instagram

Your forest girl,