Celestial Cape

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This cape is made of two layers of metallic embroidered netting, creating the illusion of distant stars in a shifting galaxy. These stars form all the constellations of the zodiac, with repeating moon motifs throughout.


  • Nearly 7 meters of custom-embroidered fabric
  • French seam construction with no visible serging
  • Rhinestone and gold or silver moon charm details
  • Cotton trim
  • Pointed hood

These capes are designed to fit ALL sizes! Because these have a circular shape with no shoulder seam, there is no limit to the shoulder width it can accommodate! The main difference will be the perceived length of the cape; it will hang longer on smaller bodies and shorter on larger bodies.

Condition: New
Brand: Atelier Heidi
Materials: nylon, cotton, metallic thread. Made in Vietnam.
Care: Do not iron. Use steam to release wrinkles. Hand wash only as necessary.

Short cape: approximatley 13"-33" long
Medium cape: approximately 24"-44" long

Style: Gold, Short