Exciting news! These embroidered vests are finally ready for pre-order starting August 4th! Sales will go live at noon Pacific time. 




This vest is made from linen with a cotton lining. The front laces up for a slightly adjustable fit, and features my embroidered artwork of bluebell flowers. The vest has light plastic boning throughout, which helps the fabric hold its shape. This is not a true corset designed for tight lacing, and it will not reduce your body measurements. Choose your size based on your actual body measurements; this fabric does not stretch.



You can wear it over a blouse or dress for traditional styling, or by itself for a more modern, casual look! The fabric is breathable and comfortable, making this a very versatile piece. You can lace it from top to bottom, or from bottom to top depending on your preference. If you don't want the extra lacing to show, you can tuck it into the neckline or into your waistband depending on how you style it.

As usual, there will be an early-bird pricing period for one week. During this time, you can reserve your vest for $60 USD. After midnight on August 11, the price will revert to $70.



Production will begin at the start of September. The production window generally lasts about 60 days before the finished vests are ready to ship. If there are any significant changes to this schedule, I'll e-mail everyone who is waiting on a pre-order. I will also update the item listing itself if anything changes.

Once production begins, the quantity is locked in. Sales will continue, but only as long as supplies last. Pre-orders help me to decide how many are made in each size, so reserve yours early to make sure it's available in your size!

If this goes well, I would love to release more colors of this style with different embroidered motifs on each. Please share this design with your friends if you like it! It really helps me to keep going and make more designs.

Thanks for everything and I hope you love this vest as much as I do!

Your forest girl,