Our most anticipated product is finally ready to be revealed! After months of development, the celestial cape design is finalized and being made right now. This has gone through so many changes from its original iteration, and I'm really proud of the results!

Medium length Celestial Cape

This cape will come in two lengths; pictured is the Medium length. This cape is 10" longer all around than the Short cape. I will have a preview of the short cape soon, but for now you can refer to my previous blog showing the length and shape using plain black fabric. Both capes will be made of the same embroidered star fabric in the end.

Medium Celestial Cape from the side back

Because this cape has a circular design, there is no shoulder seam. This means that the capes can fit ANY body, regardless of your shoulder width! The main difference will be the perceived length of the cape; on smaller bodies it will look longer, and on bigger bodies it will look shorter. Just pick the length that suits your style, and it will fit! The hood is oversize and drapes beautifully, coming to a point at the back.

Medium Celestial Cape from the back

The circular shape also gives it TONS of fabric, creating a very full and swishy look. Nearly seven meters of custom embroidered fabric goes into each cape. This design uses 2 layers of transparent mesh, giving the illusion that some stars are farther away than others. The stars make up the constellations of the zodiac, with repeating moon designs throughout.

Medium Celestial Cape from the side

I put top priority on material and construction quality to ensure that this cape is unlike any other. Quality does not come cheaply, and this is not a cheap costume piece. The short and medium capes will retail for $180 and $200, respectively, with a $10 discount during the pre-order period. Pre-orders will remain open until the capes are ready to ship, or as long as stock remains available.

Detail of embroideryDetail of moon charms

Right now, expected fulfillment is at the end of the year, though I can't guarantee a holiday delivery. I will keep everyone updated as the capes finish production and make their way to me.

Thanks for all your patience with this particular project -- I hope you find it worth the wait!

Your forest girl,


Update 10/1 - Pre-orders are now open!