Hey Forest Dwellers!

It's time for new pre-order announcements! I've been developing new samples for an upcoming celestial collection, and I'm ready to show them off! 

Before I go into detail on the new products, I want to introduce the new pre-order system! 

Up until now, I've been fronting the costs of production for all of my own designs. I needed to build trust in my brand and prove that I could make cool things before asking anybody to invest in my ideas. The downside is that I've been limited to producing items one at a time/ as I can afford to, which is a pretty slow process.

So, it's time to expand! I'm switching over to crowdfunded pre-orders, hosted right here on this site! Here is what the new pre-order product pages will look like:

Screenshot of the new pre-order item listing

The new pre-order pages have a progress bar showing how many people have pledged for this particular item! The item will only be produced if the sales goal is met. If the goal is not met, the item will not be produced and everybody who pre-ordered will be refunded.

This new system has some pretty huge benefits! It allows me to collect info on what sizes everybody needs before placing my production order. It alleviates the financial risk of investing in a bulk order without knowing whether people are really interested in the style. And most importantly, it will allow me to pitch a LOT more designs, and let you all be the judges of which ones are most worthy!

The goal is designed to cover the costs of production, so each one varies according to the order minimums of each manufacturer. If a pre-order campaign is successful, extra items will be produced as inventory for the store. If you miss a chance to pre-order, you might still be able to purchase the item regularly when production is finished. However, there's no guarantee that every size will be available, or that the item will ever restock. If you're really interested in a design, it's best to reserve it in advance!

Production timelines will vary between different items. In general, I'll start production as soon as the goal is met! If I have to order more than one batch, early birds will get their items first. Most likely, order fulfillment will take anywhere from 2-3 months, depending on the type of item and its popularity.

Now that all of that is out of the way, let me show you some pretty things!

Celestial Scarf

The Celestial Scarf is a 100% silk scarf with gold or silver foil printing. I'm planning to have both a triangle and rectangle scarf available, in both gold and silver print! These are gorgeous, fluttery, and lightweight. 

Starry Suspender Skirt

The Starry Suspender Skirt is a long maxi skirt with adjustable/removable suspender straps! The straps are attached with visible buttons on the front, and hidden buttons on the back. This skirt is made of 100% cotton, fully lined, with a half-elastic waistband and pockets. It will be available in sizes S-4X.

Celestial cape

The Celestial Cape has already been up for pre-order these past few months. I'm expecting these to arrive any day now! The first round of capes were made with gold thread, but the next restock will include both gold and silver. Check back for more info soon!

Pre-orders for the Celestial Scarf and Starry Suspender Skirt will open this Friday, December 10! Please keep an eye on the pre-orders page at noon Pacific time!

This is just the start of what I have planned! I've got tons more samples in production right now: capes, cardigans, socks, skirts, and dresses! I hope you will enjoy these designs as much as I do, and thank you so much for all your support!! ❤

Your forest girl,


Edit 12/10- View the celestial collection here!