Hey forest dwellers! Today we're revisiting an outfit that I've previously blogged about, except this time it fully exists! 

When I wrote about this one before, I was preparing my designs for AX by drawing out what I wanted to make. This was my initial plan, though the final work will always deviate from the concept a little bit. 


Cottage Mori sketch


Although the finished pieces aren't identical, you can certainly see how I was guided by this drawing! And of course, I didn't know what the model would look like but still wanted to add some detail to the sketch.


Bluebell vest frontBluebell vest side


The Bluebell embroidered vest is one of the most anticipated designs I've shown yet. This is a linen vest with light boning, a lace-up front, and custom embroidered motifs. I'm currently awaiting a final sample which will have updated embroidery, in order to fill the space more evenly. 


New embroidery motif This is always a process of trial and error. I've gone through many iterations of thread colors in order to get the best look. Thankfully, it's nearly finished and I'm really looking forward to seeing the final sample.


Once the final sample is in my hands, I'll be able to open pre-orders for this design and make it in our full size range! I am hoping to do that within a few weeks, so please keep an eye on this blog for upcoming release dates, sizing details, and pricing. 


The vest itself is linen with a cotton lining. It has light plastic boning along the seam lines, which is intended to keep the fabric from bunching up around your waist or under the arms. It is not intended to re-shape your body like a true corset, because it does not have the strong foundation layers that are present in a corset. You could still wear a corset underneath if you want that effect. For this design, I was going for a more casual look that still has a little bit of structure.


Cottage Mori outfit modeled by Arianna Nava


Our model, Arianna Nava, wore this vest over the Adeline blouse, which is still available in select sizes. I won't be restocking this blouse, so get it now if you're interested!

The skirt for this outfit is made from vintage materials. I hand-beaded the flowers scattered across the overskirt, and they're made from layers of laser-cut petals which are stacked for a 3D effect. The top layer is all vintage crochet, which I dyed to a sky blue shade.


Blue flower skirt frontBlue flower skirt back


This skirt is truly one-of-a-kind, and it's currently available

Finally, I created a leather belt to cover the waistband and create a more seamless look between the top and bottom of this outfit. This is veg-tan leather, which is a type of thick leather that's great for structural pieces. It laces in the back for an adjustable fit, but also opens with snaps at the front, to allow you to get in and out of it quickly. I'd like to make more of these, perhaps in different colors. I'll look into doing a bigger batch later this summer or fall!


Leather belt frontLeather belt back


For the fashion show, Arianna wore a custom choker with a locket heart, and the handmade harebell earrings in blue. She is also wearing a Ferrari Wig in Dark Brown, provided by Arda Wigs.


Photo by Steve Manivong Photography


That's about it for this design! I hope you enjoyed seeing this go from sketch to completion. I'll keep uploading new blogs for each outfit over the coming weeks, which will include release details for each design. Thanks for reading!

Your forest girl,