I'm so thrilled to announce that Forest Girl Clothing will be presenting a runway collection for the fashion show at Anime Expo 2023!

Anime Expo is the largest anime event in all of North America. Their annual fashion show features a variety of Japanese streetwear subcultures such as Lolita fashion, decora kei, fairy kei, and mori kei (that's us!). Brands from both Japan and the United States have been invited to share their work on this stage, and it's a huge honor to be counted among them.

I've been teasing this announcement while working on the new collection, which is the main reason that store updates have slowed down. I have many new designs underway, but I'm saving them for the stage!


A preview of some items for the stage

 A little preview of our new collection!


We will be presenting a mori kei collection of 12 complete looks. As you know, this site carries a variety of items from many brands outside my own, but the clothing I am presenting at Anime Expo will be entirely my original designs. You will see some familiar looks alongside new items and ideas, many of which are completely handmade by me. Some of the looks are made with recycled materials and cannot be replicated, while others will become available for a wider release. This has been a labor of love over the past few months to get everything ready, but I'm so excited to show you my work.

Anime Expo will take place at the Los Angeles convention center, July 1-4. The fashion show is at noon Sunday, July 2, in Petree Hall. Registration for the expo is still available if you're able to attend in person!



Highlights from Anime Expo will be broadcast on the AX Lite livestream, including designer interviews immediately after the fashion show. I'm not 100% certain that the show itself will be livestreamed, but I certainly hope so! [Edit: it WILL be live streamed and I hope you can tune in!]

In addition to the runway show, Forest Girl Clothing will have a booth in The Annex in Kentia Hall (ANX-FB2). Come visit us to shop our current collections in person, including a few exclusive one-off items which have not been shown online!


Kentia Hall Map with Annex


Arda Wigs has graciously agreed to provide wigs for my portion of the fashion show! I've chosen some really cute styles to compliment each look, and I'll share photographs of everything after the show. Thank you, Arda, for helping the models look fantastic!

Other brands which will be showing at AX include ACDC Rag, The Black Ribbon, Candy⭐Trap, and Vina of the Valley. I'm really looking forward to meeting the other designers and making some fun memories.

I want to thank both the Anime Expo fashion team, and all the forest dwellers who enjoy this shop, for supporting my dreams and making this possible. I couldn't do any of this without support for my artistry. I hope that this show will make you proud and inspire you to pursue your forest fashion dreams!

Your forest girl,