Hey Forest Dwellers!

I've been making a bunch of lace capes for spring! These are sheer, lightweight accessories that can fit any person and add a touch of elegance to your look.

Recently, I made a beautiful Dusty Blue Lace Cape from fabric that I thought was discontinued. I couldn't find a restock anywhere online. But last night, I was able to pick up a full new bolt!


The Cotton Candy Comet Cape will also be restocking, for as long as supplies are still available!

I can only make these in small batches, because I'm limited by my own time and energy. Right now, I plan to release both on February 24, 2023 at noon Pacific time. These have sold out quickly in the past, so set an alarm if you really want one!

Don't forget that Celestial capes are still available if you prefer a darker look! For now, I'm going to keep focusing on the pink and blue options, with a few random ones appearing here and there. Keep checking back each week for new items and announcements! We update each Friday at noon Pacific.

Your forest girl,