Hi Forest Dwellers! Here's another pre-order coming April 1st!

Ever since I made the Lavender and Lily of the Valley dresses together, I've wanted to also produce a companion for the Lavender purse. Now it's finally time!


Lily of the Valley purse


This purse will be approximately 10" wide by 8" tall, and made from linen and cotton. Since I don't have this sample in hand, I can't take any more photos yet. However, the construction details are all the same as the Lavender Embroidered Purse, so you can take a look at that one for more info!

The Lavender purse will also be restocking in natural linen! It's been sold out for several months, but here's your chance to grab it again. The black version of this bag is still in stock and ready to ship.


Lavender purse


Both purses will be available for pre-order starting April 1st at noon Pacific time. Check the pre-orders page on that day for the update!

The purses will retail for $80 USD. The Lily of the Valley bag will have a pre-order goal of 40 units, while the Lavender bag does not require a goal.

I'm working on several more lavender and lily-of-the-valley themed products, including enamel pins and hair accessories! I'll leave you with one more preview, a hairbow:


Lily of the valley embroidered bow


These bows are already in production and should become available within the next two months. Keep an eye out for shop updates to grab one! 

For the other April 1st pre-orders, read the previous blog about the Adeline blouse and purple flower bloomers. See you this Friday!

Your forest girl,