Hey Forest Dwellers!

I've been working on some exciting new designs lately, and getting back to my roots in the mori kei community. Although this site has featured foresty styles influenced by lots of different sources, mori kei was the original inspiration when I got my start. If you're unfamiliar with this term, check out my Guide to Forest Fashion post, which describes mori kei and other subgenres in more detail.

Right now, I am planning some coordinates to fill out a capsule wardrobe for mori kei lovers. This will include all sorts of pieces designed to work together in combination!


Classic Mori Sketch


My first sketch, nicknamed "Classic Mori", features an asymmetrical top with tiers of ruffles. It will have a button front, a classic Peter Pan collar, and a few lacy details.


This silhouette is great for a wide variety of body types. I'm leaning towards cotton gauze fabric, which will drape softly on the body instead of looking stiff. It also has a lovely bubbly texture and wrinkles up in fun ways, which will add to the homespun look.


Examples of cotton gauze in the color family I'll be working with. I love the texture and breathability of this fabric.


I like to leave some of the design process up to experimentation once the materials are actually in my hands. Details like the exact colors and ruffle placement will probably change during the construction process, depending on where inspiration takes me. But here in my drawings, you can see the direction I'm going in.

I hope to have this top ready for a small-scale release later this year, perhaps even made-to-order. Keep an eye out for more details as my sample comes together!

I'm also working on various accessories in white and (potentially) pastel tones. Here is a progress shot of a hair piece made of white milk lace, an unusual fabric with a silky texture.


Progress on this floral hair accessory

Progress on a lacy floral hair clip. Photographed on Arda Wigs' Katherine.


I would love to add some more dangling pieces with faux pearls and petals. This is currently in progress and should be finished soon! I'm also experimenting with dyeing them different hues.

While sketching this outfit, I found myself drawn to the organic beauty of freshwater pearls. These are farmed pearls which are produced in a variety of colors from off-white to rose and lavender. The irregular colors and shapes are very exciting to me, and they compliment the palette and textures used in this look.


Freshwater pearls in a variety of colors

Examples of freshwater pearls in different colors. Images are from this article about the industry in Japan and Pearl Paradise's info page


The pearls in my drawing are white, but I'd love to work with a variety of mixed hues. I will also produce some jewelry with faux pearls, which will be more affordable and accessible for everyone. These accessories will be available soon, later this spring. 

This look also incorporates the Purple Flower Bloomers that are already in stock. These were designed with mori kei looks in mind, and they make an excellent casual base piece when you don't want to wear a skirt.


Purple Flower Bloomers


Finally, I'll complete this look with an upcycled shoe cuff accessory. This piece will tie the colors and textures of the rest of the outfit into the shoes, and can be removed depending on the weather. I'd like to use recycled materials and raw edges for a shabby chic effect.

This is just the first sketch in an ongoing series which will be featured on this blog. I'll have more details to share as these pieces come together, as well as many more looks to reveal. You can also join the mailing list for weekly announcements -- just sign up on the footer below! -- or follow on social media for daily product features.

Thanks always for the support!

Your forest girl,