Greetings Forest Dwellers! I've been working hard on a new size chart for the store!

Sizing is a very tricky subject, and there are a lot of different size chart versions out there. I knew I wanted to base my chart on measurements from you all — the people who support this store! So I set up a form to accept this info (and it will stay up, even though the chart is set for now!)

Plus size measurements were the main thing I wanted to update. There are a lot of different body types among plus size people, and no single fit will work for everyone. Thanks to customer submissions, I was able to identify some trends. I looked carefully at the most common ratios between chest, bicep, waist, and hips. Thank you SO much to those who shared the info I needed to provide better sizing!

Almost everyone who submitted their measurements is represented in this chart. For the few who are not, I am very, very sorry. As a one-woman business, I still have a lot of limitations that larger companies don’t have. For one thing, the more sizes I ask for, the larger the order minimums I have to meet. Maybe someday I can keep expanding this size chart, and I’ll keep collecting info so that I can keep learning too.

Without further ado, here is our new general size chart!


General Size Chart


Between the expanded plus size measurements and the new size XS, this chart includes more people on both ends of the spectrum! I had quite a few petite friends who were unable to wear my designs, so now I can provide something for them too. This is the current limit of what I can produce, but I will always have the goal of expanding!

I understand that no size chart can ever encompass the variety of human body shapes. The numbers are just a starting point! I will still design versatile garments with drawstrings, elastic, buttons, etc that can help the clothing adjust to you.

If you are between sizes, you might choose to go up or down based on the cut of the individual garment. Look at the placement of elastic and the shape of the clothing to figure out what size is best for you. I will make sure to highlight this info on the individual garment size chart!


Starry Skirt Size Chart

Most of my designs use natural fabric, which shrinks in the washer and dryer. You can avoid this by hand washing or dry cleaning. It’s just something to keep in mind when choosing your size! 

The new size chart will apply to all new and upcoming designs for the store. However, it will take a while to replace the older sizes that are still in stock. I’ve discounted all remaining Purple Mushroom Dresses, Lavender Dresses, and Lily of the Valley Dresses to make way for the revised versions. 

You can pre-order the Green Mushroom Dress and Starry Suspender Skirt today! These items are based on the new sizing, and will continue restocking as long as there’s still interest! Because many of the new sizes require more fabric than the old ones, the price has gone up slightly. This is just an unavoidable part of using more material. I hope you will agree that this is a worthy trade-off for better sizing.

Thank you so much for your continued support! I have quite a few samples in the works right now, so I’ll be adding more pre-orders very soon!

Your forest girl,